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About Under the Apron

Under the Apron is a digital magazine, available via paid subscription APP for Apple and Android devices, published monthly. For the first 4 issues, Under the Apron will be focused on New York with occasional pieces about New Jersey interspersed within its pages. The digital magazine will be supplemented by print magazines, after a 6 month period. Then, Under the Apron will go national, highlighting the culinary gems and trends in New York.

Under the Apron is a modern-day foodie’s go-to magazine for where to find the hottest New York spots and the most creative New York chefs and all foodie worthy stores and markets. Lush photos, humorous interviews, recipes with videos, honest reviews and plenty of timely trend alerts will be covered by both seasoned journalists, chefs, bloggers, and food reviewers. Expect feature stories about surprising new food trends along with moving stories about the growing support of local restaurants stepping up to feed the hungry - all behind the scenes.

Content. The content in Under the Apron will be top notch and memorable. Newspaper pioneer Diane Lilli, who designed and published the first online daily in New Jersey over 8 years ago, has built a solid following of over 250,000 readers in the New York and New Jersey area, all following her food articles. Just like your mom’s favorite recipes, experienced writers with a vision will write pieces that will hook you with flavor and style.

Humor. There will be no lengthy dry articles about any topic, though education is on the menu. Every month, there will be an FDA piece; a “Fresh Picks” page for holistic and organic foods; a “Moms Serve it Up” page with real moms offering tips for busy families, and always a fresh new face with striking new ideas for food and startling new recipes.

Interviews. Meet a chef every month, and watch an interview in his or her kitchen. Tools and tips of the trade. From the novice to the food fanatic, professionals will offer shortcuts and tips.

Videos: Under the Apron will have video interviews; “how to” videos for novice cooks and more complex tips of the trade for those with a deep curiosity of more advanced techniques.

Going to the “source”. From farms to factories, an insider’s view of the food industry.

Kids in the Kitchen. Kids who love good food, hate healthy food, etc. All by and from - kids. 

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